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Delivery and payment
What does shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on which carrier you prefer. Parcels within Denmark are shipped with Bring, dao or GLS:

Parcel Shop
Home Delivery
41,- (FREE on orders above 899,-)

Parcels shipped by dao and Bring are insured up to 1000 kr

Parcels shipped by GLS are insured up to 4500 kr

Parcels shipped outside of Denmark are insured up to approx. 150 kr / €20. Insurance up to 1500 kr / €201,6 can be purchased for 8 kr / €1,08. Contact us on info@requinerope.dk if you wish to buy the extended insurance for your delivery.


What's the delivery time?

All products are handmade specifically for you — from the bottom. Depending on the product, it takes around 2 and 8 hours to produce each item, so if you've placed a large order, it will take a longer time to make than for a small order.

There are possibly others who ordered before you, which can make the waiting time a bit longer. Orders are produced in the order they've been placed.

Delivery time for parcels sent with Bring is 1-2 days.

Delivery time for parcels sent with dao is 1-4 days.

Delivery time for parcels sent with GLS is 1-3 weekdays. International delivery times aren't specified, but typically take at least a week to arrive, maybe more.

On the website there's a banner with the current estimated production times. Therefore you can expect parcels within Denmark to be delivered to your address/parcel shop: current production time + 1-4 workdays after placing the order.

If it's expected that your package will be shipped much later than expected, you'll be informed you via email.


Why is the delivery time that long?

Requine Rope is owned and run by a single person. I'm responsible for everything it takes to keep the business up and running while studying 40+ hours a week on the side. So it's unfortunately limited how much time I have to make orders, which is the reason for the production times being much longer than I want. I'm really doing my best to get it all done, but that's why things are moving so slow.

I'm very grateful for all who are understanding and supportive ❤️

Where do you ship to?

Currently all EU countries except Malta and Cyprus.

Is there a physical store?

No, there's no physical store. But if you live nearby, you are welcome to pick up your order if you want to save the shipping. It must be arranged in advance, so write a mail to info@requinerope.dk to make an appointment for pickup.

What's the return policy?

Due the products at Requine Rope being made especially for you after your wishes, the right of revocation is withdrawn. That means you can't get your money back if you e.g. choose the wrong size, or don't like the colour. Although we did choose to arrange our return policy so that our customers can get up to 50% of the amount back.

If the product has a defect before it's put to use, e.g. broken rope or a loose seam, you of course have right to get the product replaced.

You can read more about return, right of revocation, and returns in the terms and conditions.


Which payment methods can I use?

You can pay with card, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Mastercard and Visa are accepted for card payments.


What makes the products sustainable?

At Requine Rope, the environment is top priority. That means the products used have the least environmental impact, and at the same time are as good quality as possible.

The rope is made from rPET — recycled plastic. That means no new plastic is produced in this already strained environment, but instead what already exists is used anew.

The sewing thread is also made from recycled plastics.

Exclusively stainless steel is used for the hardware — it's an easily recyclable metal, that lasts for years.

Furthermore, the packaging is completely plastic free, and recycled materials are used whenever possible.

You can read much more about sustainability her!


Which sizes are carried?

For rope halters and reins, sizes range from x-mini to xx-full.

For neck ropes without cores, sizes range from XXXS to XXXL, because a horse's head size doesn't always "fit" the neck size. (e.g. a horse using size cob in halters win't necessarily fit a "size cob" neck rope).

Neck ropes with cores are available in sizes S, onesize and L.

Read more about sizing under size guide.

It's also always possible to get a custom size without extra costs — just write a mail for info@requinerope.dk or on social media, and we'll figure something out!


Which size should I choose?

Sizes generally fit "normal" sizes — e.g. if your horse uses cob in halters, it should fit a size cob rope halter. If your horse is in between sizes, it is generally recommended choosing the larger size.

The same applies for reins. You could also measure a pair of reins you already have, and choose length from that.

For non-adjustable neck ropes, you'll need to measure your horse to find the right size.

You can read much more about sizes, and how to find the right one, under size guide.

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