Behind Requine Rope

Requine Rope is a small business based in Northern Zealand, Denmark. It was registered in February 2021, but only in August 2021 did it officially open.

Requine Rope is founded and owned by Rebekka Ryding and currently has two ambassadors: Alba Rosa, @minishetty_horsemanship and Tilde Høgh Birkeland, @sl_liberty.

The story

"I've had a love and passion for horses since I started at riding school at 4 years old. I discovered the more untraditional methods of the horse world in 2016, and embarked on making rope halters, neck ropes and leads myself.

The though of making my own business started already then, but only in the end of 2020 did I see it as an actual possibility. I've in my later years started to care quite a lot about sustainability and living as eco-friendly as possible, and when I found out about production of recycled rope in Europe, the dream of selling sustainable rope tack became a reality."

Requine Rope arose from the wish of a more sustainable alternative to rope equipment for horses and dogs – sustainability is our mission, and our vision is becoming even greener, when the possibilities arise.
Rebekka Ryding
Owner & Founder

Ragga fra Nordgården and Aggie are Requine Rope's mascots, and are often in front of the camera in the newest equipment ❤️

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