Adjustable Dog Leash

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The adjustable dog leash is a fantastic multi-purpose leash which can be used both short and long with a single click!

This leash is 2 meters long with a stainless 76 mm carabiner at each end. There's a ring attached by one carabiner and one approx. 32 cm from the other carabiner.

If the carabiner is attached to one ring, you get a double leash with a length of 1 meter.

If it's attached to the other ring, you make a handle and the leash gets a length of 180 cm. This ring can be moved, so a bigger handle and a shorter leash, or a smaller handle and a longer leash is made!

You can also buy extra rings along the leash (€2,69/pc), to get even more adjustments between those two lengths.


The leash is made from 10 mm rope, which has a great width and fits perfectly in the hand. This leash not recommended for smaller dogs, as it's relatively heavy.


OBS: Vi er desværre løbet tør for sort 10 mm reb. Vi beklager meget, og håber på at få det tilbage på lager igen kort efter jul. Vi undskylder ubelejligheden!


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