Our passion is sustainability

Sustainability is the foundation of Requine Rope, and we care about making every part as eco-friendly as possible:


Rope tack is typically made from rope that is made from PP, PET etc., which are different types of plastic. That means new plastic is produced when they are made - and we can probably agree that we have enough plastic already...

All rope at Requine Rope is made from 100% rPET, I.E. recycled plastic. The plastic comes from recycled plastic bottles, all coming from Europe, where the rope is also produced. All of this ensures that no new plastic is brought into the world when we make tack, but also that the carbon emissions are reduced. It requires much less energy to produce rope from plastic that already exists, that to produce it from the bottom.


All hardware from Requine Rope is made from stainless steel. That has several benefits!

First and foremost, steel is a metal that is very easy to recycle, and this proces has low energy consumption.

In addition to that, stainless steel is a very strong metal that doesn't break just like that - so you don't need to worry about snapping carabiners when you're in the middle of a hack or walking your dog.

Last but not least, stainless steel is allergy friendly to both you, your horse and dog, opposite other cheap metals that are often used for rope tack. Oh yeah — it also doesn't rust or patinate, but keeps its shiny surface years after years!


The packaging at Requine Rope is 100% plasticfree and recyclable-

Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled cardboard and are closed with paper tape. Package fillers are tissue paper, and our personal note and package slips are written on recycled paper.

That isn't only good for the environment, but also makes it easier for you to take care of the environment; the packaging goes straight to the recycle bin (that is, if you don't plan on re-using it yourself)!

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